Latest Update: 21/02/2015
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During the initial phase, C.I.R. will determine whether the product or service has a reasonable probability of being bought or sold in foreign markets. We will likewise do all of the research necessary to obtain useful information for promoting your product/service.

First Phase – Expenses borne by CIR World:
  • Analysis of the product/service for import or export
  • Identification of countries from or to which you will import or export
  • Gather sector-related information on the product/service
  • Contact with foreign institutional offices to obtain information
  • Contact with trade associations and specialized publications
  • Information file on the country from or to which your company wishes to import or export
  • Exchanges and Investments between the two countries
  • Regulatory and legal aspects
  • Most important international sector-related trade fairs
  • Export: standard list of importers and distributors from the sector
  • Import: list of manufacturers of the specific product
  • Creation of a register of names, addresses and telephone numbers
  • Initial contact by phone through a local operator to verify interest, or initial letter of introduction with a follow-up telephone call (preparation of letter of introduction)(1)
  • List of importers or manufacturers who have expressed interest, verification of company data and identification of point of contact
  • Analysis of business profile and client documentation
  • Final report with all information gathered from the study

The list of services guaranteed during the 1st phase represents our investment(1) in promoting your goods/services. The next step will be for you to decide whether you wish to continue the work we have begun.

(1) Does not include out-of-pocket expenses or the expenses of the foreign correspondent, which will be quoted separately.


After the first phase, we will have:
a list of potential clients or suppliers who may be interested in buying or selling your product, and a sufficiently clear image of the market we wish to approach.

Second Phase – Expenses borne by CIR World and the company:
  • Create an updated list of potentially interested companies
  • Decision to visit the client or supplier
  • Who will make the trip? The head of the company, the Head of Development of CIR World, or both
  • Choose the best time - better if there are trade fairs being held in the country or neighboring countries
  • Follow-up contact with companies to confirm availability to meet at the trade fair or in their offices
  • Quotes for travel expenses, accommodation and time abroad
  • Organize trip, book flights and hotel
  • Final confirmation of planned meetings and detailed scheduling
  • Prepare samples and promotional material
  • Visit the fair and hold the scheduled meetings
  • Contact with the companies exhibiting at the fair which are not on our lists
  • Detailed reports of all meetings held, product analysis and companies visited
  • List of expenses incurred and corresponding receipts


During the third phase we will work on long-range promotion, primarily through the participation in trade fairs and exhibitions in the countries of interest. Our job will be to prepare the client's participation in the trade fair down to the last detail.

Third Phase: Export Fairs and Exhibitions
  • Identify the most relevant country and trade fairs for the product we wish to export
  • Request information on the event, exhibitors, expected turnout, exhibition area, costs, availability, etc
  • Book the area and organize the stand, including decoration
  • Obtain all technical information on the product for sale
  • Sales conditions established by the company
  • Organize stand assembly
  • Print promotional material on site
  • Pick-up and customs clearance of products to be exhibited
  • Obtain decorative elements
  • Product exhibition
  • Select native interpreter and other personnel
  • Manage clientèle and product promotion
  • Collect orders as per company requirements
  • Deliver orders to the company
  • Detailed report of all contacts made and any other observations
  • Streaming video and live transmission via Skype, at the company headquarters


  • Search for partners, distributors, agents and associated joint ventures
  • Search for partners for industrial collaboration
  • Basic or complete information on specific companies
  • Personnel search and selection for collaboration with the local partner
  • Consulting for the creation of companies or for opening local subsidiaries or representations
  • Assistance for national and international tenders
  • Direct billing services
  • Collection of outstanding payments
  • Mail-outs
  • Direct marketing activities
  • Interpreting service with qualified local personnel
  • Document translation